Innovians Technologies STP Campus Ambassador Program 

The Innovians Technologies STP Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent Innovians Technologies on their campus & in nearby colleges. Ambassadors plan and promote Innovians Technologies Summer Training Program in their college and act as a campus contact for Innovians Technologies teams.

                                                                           LEARN - EARN - LEAD

Who We Are Looking For:- 

  • B.Tech/BE, M.Tech/ME & MS students are eligible
  • Candidates passing in 2023 -2025 can only apply.
  • Are you a role model for the students in your college?
  • Have the initiatives you have taken empowered you to be in a leadership position to guide your fellow students?
  • Are you a member of a Student Club or Organizing team of a Fest in your college?
  • Do you take ownership of key responsibilities in these roles and deliver?
  • Do you hold leadership positions in your college?
  • Got good communication skills and Leader ship qualities?
  • You should be always active as an Ambassador. You will have to devote time and skills for being so. Can you?
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Can we entrust that, by carrying the brand name of Innovians Technologies, you will be helping us to take it to more number of students in your college and city?
  • Passion for learning, creativity, innovation and information-sharing.

Benefits of  :- 

  • Get Work Experience Certificate as a Campus Ambassador STP from  Innovians Technologies.
  • Earn on paid registration through you for Summer Training Program 2023.
  • Add the  Innovians Technologies Campus Ambassador Program experience to your resume. 
  • On 10 Paid Registrations through your efforts, you can attend Summer Training Program free of cost. On 5 Paid Registration through your efforts, you can attend Summer Training Program at 50% Discount Fees. Or if you dont want to participate then you can get the equivalent amount in your bank account or PayTM so you will be paid 10% of course fees (Min 5 Paid Registrations). For getting 25+ Paid registration you will be paid Rs 5000 additional bonus.
  • Bragging Rights! You can credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, linkedin profile, blogs, personal pages etc..

Responsibilities TO HANDLE IN :- 

  • The ambassador will be responsible to promote Innovians Technologies Summer Training Program in his/her college/university, Social Media, through Emails, Groups, LinkedIn etc & get minimum 5 Paid Registration for Innovians Technologies Summer Training Program.
  • Ambassador should participate actively and motivate others to join & participate maximum
  • Ambassador should create a College/university group at  Innovians Technologies and invite to students to join it
  • Ambassadors should be clear with the idea of Innovians Technologies working, agenda and perspective.
  • Ambassador should not do biasing with a student or a group of students.


  • Read all information about  Innovians Technologies campus Ambassador Program, responsibilities, and prerequisites.
  • To apply for  Innovians Technologies campus Ambassador Click Here
  • Attach your resume in the registration form for further process  


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