Innovians Technologiesprovides a good study on IBM AIX OS network visualization, processors, dynamic hardware allocation which would be quite a good advantage on programmers and enginners.

AIX is an open operating system from IBM that is based on a version of UNIX. AIX/ESA was designed for IBM's System/390 or large server hardware platform. AIX/6000 is an operating system that runs on IBM's workstation platform, the RISC System/6000.

Areas where AIX is required

AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications contains a collection of open source and GNU software built for AIX IBM Systems. These tools provide the basis of the development environment of choice for many Linux application developers. All the tools are packaged using the easy to install RPM format. There is a strong affinity between Linux and AIX for applications. The AIX operating system (OS) has a long history of standards compliance and it is generally straightforward to rebuild Linux applications for AIX. The AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications demonstrates the strong affinity between Linux and AIX operating systems.

Applications of AIX:

  • Build and package Linux applications for use on AIX
  • Run other popular software commonly found in Linux distributions
  • Manage open source software using the popular RPM package management system
  • Develop new applications for the AIX OS using GNU and Linux application development tools
  • Application Development - gcc, g++, gdb, rpm, cvs, automake, autoconf, libtool, git, subversion, gettext
  • GNU base utilities - gawk, m4, indent, sed, tar, diffutils, findutils, grep, coreutils
  • Programming Languages - perl, python, ruby, php
  • System Utilities - emacs, vim, bzip2, gzip, rsync, wget, lsof, less, samba, zip, unzip
  • Libraries - ncurses, readline, libxml2, libyaml, libpng, libjpeg, slang, db, glib2, zlib, gtk+
  • System Shells - bash, tcsh, zsh
  • Software Managment - YUM
  • Developing graphical user interface - gtk2+
  • Cloud environment - cloud-init, python-swift

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