Innovians Technologies provides professional level Training for Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) at Work Place based on current industry standards, requirements and trends. Laws regarding sexual harassment are steadily evolving, and your policies on harassment in the workplace need to keep pace. Company or any organizations without a strong anti-harassment policy is likely to be held liable if one of its supervisors commits sexual harassment against an employee.

Any harassment policy should contain:

  • Definition of harassment
  • Harassment prohibition statement
  • Description of your complaint procedure
  • Description of disciplinary measures
  • Statement of protection against retaliation
  • Not only gender, colour, religion, nation, age and disability, but also some jurisdictions also protect employees who are discriminated against on the basis of appearance or sexual orientation.
  • Take note of federal, state and local laws regarding discrimination, and make sure their intent is clearly reflected in your employee policy manual. 

Who can get Benefits from this Training?

  • HRs & HR Managers.
  • Teal Leaders.
  • Company Management
  • Any Working Professionals

Why to Organize Corporate Training's ?

  • To Enhance Employee Performance
  • To Attract & Retain Talent
  • To Improves Company’s Service Quality
  • To Strengthen Culture & Thought Diversity
  • To Nurture Innovative Ideas
  • To Reduce Skill-Gaps

Why Choose Innovians Technologies to be your Training Partner ?

  • Customized training Programmes.
  • Flexible Training Schedule -  Training can be delivered as per client preferred dates.
  • Hands-on Training.
  • Ability to handle Corporate Training Requirements in Short Span of Time.
  • Both Onsite and Offsite Training Model
  • Flexible Group Size.
  • Lowest Rates and big savings to your budget
  • Most advanced Training Resources –structured course material.
  • Heightened Quality of service
  • Faster Business growth
  • Help your organisation stay competitive
  • Save time and decrease costs
  • Prevent disastrous IT errors; maintain compliances
  • Increase motivational levels
  • Instil confidence in new recruits
  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity levels
  • Decrease employee turnover and attrition
  • Cost Effective Training
  • Awarded as Top 10 Corporate Training Provider by Start Up City &
  • Awarded as Best Company in Skill Development by The CEO Story

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