Innovians Technologies brings a professional training in Machine Learning, based on the current industry trends. Machine Learning can be defined as the study of algorithms and statistical methods, used by computer systems for performing a specific task efficiently without the need for explicit instructions, instead they do so by relying on patterns and inference.

An application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning enables the system to automatically learn and improve from experience.

Areas where Machine Learning is required

In today’s technology driven world, machine learning is required and used at more areas than one could expect. From businesses to hospitals to self-driving cars, everything involves Machine Learning. Almost all social media platforms require Machine Learning for enhancing user experience. Online Ads require machine learning to know about users’ interests and show them ads corresponding to their interests.

Benefits of Machine Learning:

  • Identifies the trends and patterns easily
  • Automates the task operation
  • Improves over time from experience on its own
  • Can easily handle multi-dimensional and multi-variety data
  • Allows time cycle reduction and efficient resource utilization
  • Has wide applications

Who can get benefits from this training?

  • Programmers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Business Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Advertisement Managers

Why to Organize Corporate Training's ?

  • To Enhance Employee Performance
  • To Attract & Retain Talent
  • To Improves Company’s Service Quality
  • To Strengthen Culture & Thought Diversity
  • To Nurture Innovative Ideas
  • To Reduce Skill-Gaps

Why Choose Innovians Technologies to be your Training Partner ?

  • Customized training Programmes.
  • Flexible Training Schedule -  Training can be delivered as per client preferred dates.
  • Hands-on Training.
  • Ability to handle Corporate Training Requirements in Short Span of Time.
  • Both Onsite and Offsite Training Model
  • Flexible Group Size.
  • Lowest Rates and big savings to your budget
  • Most advanced Training Resources –structured course material.
  • Heightened Quality of service
  • Faster Business growth
  • Help your organisation stay competitive
  • Save time and decrease costs
  • Prevent disastrous IT errors; maintain compliances
  • Increase motivational levels
  • Instil confidence in new recruits
  • Increase staff efficiency and productivity levels
  • Decrease employee turnover and attrition
  • Cost Effective Training
  • Awarded as Top 10 Corporate Training Provider by Start Up City &
  • Awarded as Best Company in Skill Development by The CEO Story

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