Innovians Technologies provides professional level Training for CISMP, based on current industry standards, requirements and trends. The CISMP qualification indicates  good understanding and knowledge of the key areas involved in information security management, including risk management, knowledge, technical controls and information security management. Awarded by The Chartered Institute for IT ,BCS following successful completion of the CISMP exam.

It provides a solid foundation, upon which a successful information security career can be built. It is particularly valuable to those working in the public sector, as it is part of The Certified Professional  Scheme formerly known as the CESG Certified Professional Scheme.

Features and capabilities

  • Gain knowledge  related to information security management like confidentiality, availability, vulnerability, threats, risks and countermeasure.
  • Have better understanding of Legislations and regulations of Information security.
  • Gain knowledge of the categorization, operation and effectiveness of controls of different types and characteristics.
  • Gain Understanding of the technical environments and current business in which information security management is expected to operate.

Who can get Benefits from this Training?

  • IT professionals
  • Security engineering
  • Software developers
  • Business professionals

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