With immense pleasure we inform you that the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi is organizing its National Annual Techno-Management Festival, TECHNEX'24 We take this opportunity to extend our invitation to you to associate with TECHNEX ’24 IIT Varanasi as a Zonal Center for different Outreach Workshops in Offline or Online Mode. We would be greatly honored to have you as a part of it.

TECHNEX'24 is not a mere examination of Technical & Management Skills, rather it is a competition, a race of such ingenious minds put into work at this level. Sturdiness, Patience & Intellect are the skills put on display in this magnificent festival. Carving out the best in such brains infuses an all new confidence & prepares them for hardships & battles of the future. It hones & polishes skills of the individuals through a plethora of workshops. And some of the most influential personalities in the world motivate the assembled youth through powerful talks & their visions for the future. 

We don’t proud ourselves on being the biggest, or the largest festival in India but yes we do guarantee an experience which will leave you with new ideas, innovations and knowledge which is going to last a lifetime!!

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