The purpose of the Brand Management Workshop is to give you a fundamental understanding of how to build, measure, and manage a brand. As products, pricing and distribution increasingly become commodities, the new competitive arena is brand value, which creates long-term profitable brand relationships.  Building brand equity involves managing brands within the context of other brands, as well as managing brands over multiple categories, over time, and across multiple market segments.

Just as building brands is highly interactive to be successful, so will this workshop.  You can learn as much from this Workshop and Group Exercises

Building an online brand is no different than in the brick-and-mortar world.

Topics to be covered in this Workshop:

 Session I- (90 to 120 Mins)

In this introductory class session, We'll discuss what branding is (and what it ISN'T), do a historical overview, talk about the increasing importance and relevance of branding, and analyze the structure of typical branding agencies. Lastly, 

Session II-(90 to 120 Mins)

  • Brand Mission
  • Brand communication
  1. Corporate Branding
  2. Personal Branding

Quiz : Brand Recognition
Quiz Game: Basic Brand Dumb Charades

 Session III- (120 to 150 Mins)

  •  Logos & NAME :Logos and naming are the two most basic elements of any brand, and we will discuss them at length in this session. We'll end the session with a name-creation contest using morphemes and an opportunity to do some real-world naming.
  • Packaging and Color Theory: The interrelated subjects of packaging and color theory will be the focus of this session.
  • Brand Essence & Brand Positioning: We'll discuss brand essence and how it relates to brand positioning (functional benefits) and brand personality (emotional benefits).
  • Emotional Branding, and Nostalgia's role in branding

 Session IV- (60 to 90 Mins) 

Exercise on all the above topics covered by different Groups of Session III

Session V- (60 to 90 Mins)

  •  Brand Loyalty & following
  • The challenge of creating taglines
  •  Brand Reengineering
  • Brand Evolving
  • Brand Evolving  into Multiple Products ( UMBRELLA BRAND)
  • Brand Extensions and  Co-Branding

Session VI- (90 to 120 Mins)

  • Branding  and Advertising ( hand and glow), different Campaigns
  • Different media of reaching consumers
  • Different advt
  • ATL
  • BTL
  • Word of mouth

Session VII- (60 to 90 Mins)

Exercise on all the above topics covered by different Groups of Session III. 

 Session VIII- (90 to 120 Mins)

  • Online  Advt –Online Branding
  • Different campaigns- mediums
  • Web 2.0 advent –Branding
  • Advent of Consumer Centric Branding ( social Media Intro)

Building an online brand is no different than in the brick-and-mortar world.

NOTE: This session will cover the challenges unique to those in the business of online branding, and attempt to demystify the sometimes counterintuitive methods of building successful online brands.

Session IX- (90 to 120 Mins)

Conclusion & Quiz

 Duration: The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with 6-7 hour session each day in a total of 12-14 hours.

 Certification Policy:

  • Certificate of Merit for all the workshop participants .
  •  At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.
  • Certificate of Coordination for the coordinators of the campus workshops.

Eligibility:  It's a basic level workshop so there are no prerequisites. Anyone interested, can join this workshop.

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