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Best Online Summer Internship Traning Programs for all Branches

Innovians Technologies in association with Anwesha, IIT Patna offers the Best Online Summer Training 2024 Programs. Here we teach trainees how to excel in the outside world and sharpen their skills during summer breaks. Summer training programs are meant to provide extra knowledge to the trainees that is different from their regular curriculum. Internships provide the platform to showcase your ability to work in a closed environment. It helps to build those skills that are in demand in the real world. Engineering internships can help to build a successful career if completed in the right manner.

Why Consider Online Summer Training ?

For students undergoing in any engineering course or any technical course, industrial training is a fundamental requirement for their degree completion. Today, industrial training has become an integral part of the curriculum for B.Tech /BE/BCA/MCA/B.Sc/Diploma programs. Without undertaking internship training, students would not fulfill the graduation criteria.

Summer training is crucial for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year engineering students due to the escalating competition in the job market. It's imperative to note that academic performance and projects hold little significance without industry-standard skills. This demand from the industry has made summer internship training obligatory. Therefore, it's not merely a degree requirement but also significantly impacts your future career prospects. During the recruitment process or job applications, summer training courses are given precedence, and candidates with practical skills and familiarity with the work environment are preferred.

The conventional college/university curriculum often lacks practical exposure, leaving students with theoretical knowledge but uncertain about its practical applications. However, there's a solution to bridge this gap - Innovians Technologies offers Online/Offline Summer internship training in India. This online summer training program focuses on translating theoretical knowledge into practical skills, providing students with comprehensive insights.

What Do We Offer?

With the high-end competition and limited job spots, it is quite difficult to get the right job and shape your career. Also, with the changing technologies and innovations it has become difficult to meet Industry standards. Hence, At Innovians, we provide our students the platform to polish their skills to advance in their careers by meeting the demands.

Innovians Technologies offers an excellent opportunity for students to unwind and recharge before the start of the next semester. Simultaneously, summer vacations present an ideal chance for aspiring engineering students to explore and expand their knowledge horizons. It's a time for students to immerse themselves in learning and enjoy the excitement of engineering without the pressures of grades and exams. Innovians Technologies provides top-notch 2 to 8-weeks online summer internship training tailored for all engineering branches & technical course through Online Mode.

Courses Offered at Innovians Technologies During Online Summer Training 2024

Features of Online Summer Training

  • Online Summer training helps to build confidence and develops personality. It shows your dedication and discipline which can assist you to prove your sincerity in the future.
  • It helps to build a strong resume that showcases your skills and creates a positive impact in the eyes of the employer.
  • Summer training helps to build a network during the studies where you can meet people who excel in their field and get industry exposure. It can be a good opportunity to build a network of mentors.
  • It provides live project training that helps to grow problem-solving abilities which is different from the theoretical knowledge learned through the academic courses.
  • Individuals are picked based on their work on real-world business tasks, so a summer training program can set you apart from the competition.
  • Your online summer training helps to build your potential and sharpen your skills by improving your critical thinking abilities.

Mode of Summer Training

  • Online - Live Instructore Led Training


All Participants will get Training Certificate & Internship Letter.

  • All trainee will receive an Industrial Training Certificate from Anwesha, IIT Patna & Innovians Technologies
  • All Participants will get Internship Letter cum Recommendation on Company Letterhead of Innovians Technologies.

Who Can Join?

At Innovians, our doors are open to students from any engineering branch, as well as B.E./B.Tech/M.Tech/M.E./MCA/BCA/Diploma candidates. Whether you're a college student, a research scholar, a working professional, or a faculty member, our globally recognized certifications can help you to provide practical work experience and improve your chances of getting hired.

Registration Details:

  • For Online Courses: Rs. 3999 per participant (Inclusive of Registration Fees)

The Significance of Internships in Engineering Careers

Internships serve as a bridge between academic learning and professional application, offering a hands-on experience that complements traditional classroom education. For engineering students, internships are indispensable in honing practical skills and preparing for the multifaceted demands of the industry. In the realm of todays fast changing world, where innovation and agility are paramount, the right internship can serve as a launchpad for exponential career growth.


Summer training programs help to build a trainee for future opportunities. Today industry standards have met a whole new aspect, therefore, it is vital to choose the right training for accomplishing future goals. Make the most of your summer vacation by enrolling in well-reputed training programs by Innovians and moving one step closer to a successful career.

Why to choose Innovians Technologies Summer Training Program ?

Innovians Technologies is one of the premier training company which has been providing quality training & workshops for Schools, Institutes & Corporates from last 13 Years. We have delivered more than 2500 trainings, 250+ International Trainings, trained more than 1 Lacs participants. We have delivered our training for almost all IIT's, almost all NIT's, MNC's, Premium Univesities in India and abroad, and in more than 200 Multi National Companies. Apart from it, you also get a Training Certificate from Anwesha, IIT Patna & Innovians Technologies along with the Internship Letter on the letterhead of company. Register Now, to confirm your seat for Online Summer Training Program (Limited Seats Available)

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