Why Soft Skills Training are Important ?

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Why Soft Skills Training are Important ?

In today’s time many organizations are giving high priority &  heavily emphasizing the development of “hard” or technical skills among their employees.  Hard skills are necessary to maintain a competitive advantage, but in our social media world, it is becoming ever more apparent that no organization can afford to take their eye off the “soft skills ball.”

Social media makes everyone’s  more public. From company CEO, Director, Senior Manager  to the entry-level employee, an incident that in the past might have gone unnoticed is now just a few clicks away from a full-blown PR crisis that can negatively  impact a company’s reputation & bottom line. All it takes is one video posted on Facebook, one snap, one tweet to turn this narrative on its head.

Many recent evidences & debacles  proves the value of soft skills, companies still regard soft skills as of work life and just expect employees to know how to behave at work or expect, that they will  know how to control their emotions and manage customers with tact and diplomacy even when under stress or expect to learn from the company environment or by observing the team..

The recent PR nightmares that are shining  on the importance of soft skills training. From manufacturing  a service economy, the emerging globalization, the increased digital transformation itself are all placing an increased pressure on soft skills and drawing attention to that fact that companies need to tackle head-on how to best develop both the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills of their leaders, managers, and employees.

A word of advice though before you rush out and sign up for just any soft skills course. Not all soft skills training was created equally. Good training needs to be relevant, relatable, and engaging so that what is learned sticks and results in real behavioral change, thereby, hopefully, ensuring that employees will know exactly how to react even in the most unpredictable and stressful of circumstances.

Even if you believe your industry not affected by PR disasters, it is worth noting that employees with strong soft skills are better at attracting  and holding onto their customers, and maximizing the bottom line.

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