Secret Ingredient for Building Successful Teams in Digital Age

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Secret Ingredient for Building Successful Teams in Digital Age

Building a Successful team is very essential for any Company, Startup or Organization. Its the team which lead to success of any organization, drive business, customer satisfaction, product development etc. Many times many organizations failed to build successful team which directly & indirectly lead to lack of company performance.

There are three ways that leaders often pick teams:

1, They choose team members merely on the basis of individual skill.
2. They choose team members who are like them.
3. They assemble a group of the smartest and brightest people.

None of these tactics succeed, because they all overlook the role that personality plays in predicting team performance. 

How to ensure successful teams in the digital workplace ?

#1 Develop a common vocabulary

Have you ever sat at a meeting and thought I have no idea what these people from are talking about? I think we’ve all been there.  It is essential to acknowledge that although now working together on a specific project, you all come from different backgrounds, each with its nomenclature that is indecipherable to those outside the sector or department. Therefore, it is critical that as a first step, you establish a common tongue, so regardless of an individual role or function as a team, you can communicate effectively. This is particularly important when the project includes the use of an emerging technology in a new way or new process.

#2 Establish a safe place

In many ways, this follows on from the first point. Again, in a team composed of roles and departments from the entire organization, it can be hard to admit that you don’t understand a term, a technology or the intricacies of another area or line of business (LOB). Technology presents many challenges to those outside the IT department, and it is a drawback made more problematic when it is someone at the executive level, or the entire group, who lack the skills and knowledge to understand. I think it is rare that someone will admit that they don’t understand the data.  

#3 Define the mission

As the song says, “We’re all in this together.” Successful teams define the desired outcomes, assigns responsibilities to the relevant parties, and determines who is responsible for each deliverable that will ultimately contribute to the achievement of these goals.

#4 Promote innovation

One of the potential drawbacks of teamwork is that thinking outside the box is rarely encouraged. All too often, what happens instead is that the team develops a type of group-think, stifling innovation. However, and we cannot emphasize this enough, innovation is critical. Take every effort to ensure that your teams feel secure and encourage everyone to share any ideas, suggestions, or proposals that might alleviate the problem, improve the business, and so on. Make it easy for people to share their innovation. Create a platform that facilitates the secure sharing of innovation. 

Who is responsible for implementing the team blueprint?

One word: Everyone. However, establishing and executing these plans will take time and concerted effort. It’s about continually reinforcing the “we’re all in this together” mindset, and working to instill a new company culture where people take the time to share their knowledge and areas of expertise for the greater good of the entire company.

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