NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Helps Employee Perform Better

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Helps Employee Perform  Better

Neuro-Linguistic Programme

Starting with history it was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. It was generally based on a set of beliefs, statements, or practices. It claims to be based on pseudoscience which means it is partly based on science not fully. It is communication- based model. The name states its meaning. 


Neuro is related to the brain or mind. How the state of brain or mind affects communication and a human’s behavior. That’s why the Neuro word is taken.


As a word suggest, it is related to language. As we all know language is the basic medium of communication. The linguistic difference always controls communication. Most of the information is communicated through mouth means verbal communication and body language also affects communication.


When communication happens sometimes it changes an individual’s opinion or its thoughts or beliefs. This is called programming of the mind. This can influence an individual’s language of the brain.

So we can say that NLP is a program that changes a person’s brain by affecting his mind by changing his behavioral pattern and language.

How does it work?

This methodology is derived from analyzing and understanding the link of HOW the ‘neuro’(nerve) communication works and in that how language gets affected and how our behavior changes.

This methodology states that to achieve success, three major things need to be done that is an individual should know if he/she wants success, How to do something. Repeat the process means there should be continuity in it. Constancy is the key to success. Change the process if you want a different result.

  •  Repeating is comes under ‘Modelling’.
  •  Changing comes under ‘Behaviour change’

Back in history, creators of Neuro-linguistic programming wonder how successful people constantly achieve success. So they researched and formed a theory of NLP. They found out successful people started with WHY, WHAT, HOW. WHY they were doing this, on the basis of WHAT and HOW they achieve success in it.

So creators of NLP came across some factors which were common among successful people.

These are as follows:

  • Their language, specifically using words
  • What kind of questioning
  • The tone of their voice
  • Their body postures and gestures (basically, body language)
  • Their listening skills
  • Their oral skills

If you looked into this keenly you will notice these are basic communication skills which generally lacked in many people. Many people don’t consider these skills as important as academics. Because what people believe that academics is more important for achieving success. They believe that the study pattern is more essential than the behavior pattern. Yes, it is essential but communication skills make a major impact on academic skills. If you have seen an intelligent employee has great academic knowledge but lacking in communication, on the other hand, an employee with great communication skill and average knowledge will be more successful than the other.

Back to the point, techniques of NLP used in various fields:

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Therapy
  • Education
  • Business

In business, it used for advertising, communicating, influencing, motivating, developing
behavior etc.

Why do employees need to perform better?

Employees in companies need a full idea of why they working for the company many times it happened that employees do not fully know this thing. It affects their behavior and productivity. For example how Apple Company achieve success? Why their employees are loyal to them. What factors glued them to work for the company? Definitely, it is not just because of money. It’s about how Apple motivates them to work for the company.

So NLP theory works for motivating employees in order to increase their productivity and

Engagement of Employees

There was this survey of Deloitte’s 2015 Human Capital Trends that employee’s engagement in a company is a rising issue for companies. So it is more essential for companies to inspire their employees for their work loyalty. There is a very less number of companies that have loyal employees working with them. Also, most companies don’t consider the theory of NLP is as important as the company’s profit.

How NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) helps to engage employees in the company?

The behavior of everyone is not the same. So we cannot say that every employee will communicate with others easily. Some of them will get along or some will not. But in company employees needs to adjust to each other. The point of view of every employee is different. So the flow of information can be manipulated by a different perspective.

NLP teaches employees how to strain information and form a better perspective of an issue in their language. When they found someone’s perspective is as similar to their own they will form better communication in their language. 20% to 30% is in the form of verbal communication and another communication is in tone and pitch of voice, body gesture and postures.

This is the relationship between how an individual thinks and how he behaves. NLP helps an employee to make the decision, to gain skills and knowledge and get desired goals. It is important for that person and company also.

How language helps employee for better communication?

Communication is not just about changing the information it is about exchanging perceptions and emotions also. If an employee or group of employees has the same language they will communicate better and will understand better. To be a better communicator an employee needs to be a better listener. This is how linguistic similarity helps in better communication.

Usage of body language

Body language is a substitute for words. It gives instant feedback. An employee with great body language can perform much better because body language clarifies the words through gestures and postures.

Active listening

Active listening is also a skill in the theory of NLP. Active listening helps an employee to do better in the workplace. It shows the interest of the employee in a particular issue. If the employee is a passive listener the impact of language will be less on him/her due to less interest.

So last but not least, the NLP model helps employees to build trust, to get clear knowledge of their goals, to increase their productivity, to help others, to do better communication, to understand other's perspectives, to enhance their personality and leadership skills.

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