How To Bridge The Skill Gap And Save Yourself From Company Layoffs

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How To Bridge The Skill Gap And Save Yourself From Company Layoffs

In today’s modern era two forces drive the transformation and look out of the work – automation and global and overall competition. With this speed of change, many organizations, firms, and small business and export units and others have to rethink the strategies and make a decision to lead the business according to the required needs and wants.

What is Skill Gap?

A skill gap is mainly referred to as a gap between what an employer wants or requires their employees to do or need to be able to do a particular task in a respective manner, and actually in result what the employees do and get the outcome when working together as a team. Skill Gap is also the difference between –

  • The skills which are required on the job and
  • The actual skills possessed (have already) by the employees. 

The skill gap represents an opportunity and gives a way for the company and the employee to identify and analyze the missing skills and try to gain them. 

Skill Gap Analysis

Identifying and analyzing the skill gap is one the important tool for any company, organization or firm so as to ensure at the very beginning that the available workforce is well trained, well qualified and knowledgeable in their respective fields and fully equipped to do and learn their jobs.

 The Skill Gap Analysis helps achieve the basic objective as –

  • It helps to recognize and define the skills, as per the requirement for the current and coming future.
  • Create awareness among employees for the critical skills needed
  • Helps during the recruitment procedures


The layoff of one individual in a company may appear minor, but it often causes a ripple effect in an organization where employees work together to achieve a common goal. Layoffs also help to analyze and find the part of the link that is missing which indirectly affects the organization in the team.

There are many long term effects and challenges when layoffs and such situations occur in organizations or firms such as –

  • Direct Costs
  • Increased Turnover
  • Reduce Customer Loyalty
  • Emotional Distress

Many of the people have walked and joined back their jobs or moved with news one with executive collar jobs, developed and created their career path by reducing the fear of skill gaps. Many organization also are now applying certain stuff to bring the ratio down of the skill gap To Bridge the Skill Gap and Save Yourself from Company Layoffs

  • Working with the Current Employer
    Your current employer, at times, may assume and think that you are still working, and may value you and your experience. Share your experience and have a talk with your employer to identify potential part-time or consulting work or periodic assignments you can do during the years you plan to work less than full time.            

Example- If working in Marketing, one can help and work as a freelancer or on social media, advertising, and sales staff.

  • Build and Keep the network strong
    Many of us will agree to this that it a lot easier to maintain current professional contacts rather than build a new group a few years down the lane. Professional contacts become dispersed because new positions, promotions, mentors retire; transfer of valued coworkers move on to new jobs.                        
  • Stay Active and updated in Professional Associations
    Many of the career-oriented fields have professional associations and alumni associations that sponsor meetings, social gatherings, conferences, committees, training sessions and more for members, students, and the same professional experts. Be active in your common association by attending meetings, writing for the newsletter, acting as a goodwill ambassador and attending national conferences. Organize, or Volunteer for the activities that most closely match your career field and interests. Choose activities that are of your field and try to take part in which you’ll interact with many members, experts, and newcomers to expand your network at the same time.
  • Volunteer in different associations, organizations, schools
    Challenging volunteer work can help to fill the gaps in your resume whether you return to your original career or create a change in career in the future. 
  • Keep the Resume updated
    Keep track of new skills and activities you have developed and experienced during your time away from the workforce. It is always advised to have an updated resume with all the work and contributions you have done, workshops or courses if done any. As and when required to work and return to work, one can have records and qualifications to one's kitty.
  • Create your own business earnings
    Think and create different and creative. Try to utilize your free time and helps you earn a second lead for income. Now a day many online and work from home and online internships are being offered to get well equipped to the latest trend and also help you generate a small portion of income through it. Many people have also started small online businesses such as – bakery, cards and gifts, home-based designing, card and wedding invites and printing business. Write for newspapers, magazines, and businesses; develop marketing materials for organizations; sell your professional expertise as a consultant.
  • Keep your skill upgraded
    Fields such as banking, employment law, securities, and financial planning change quickly. Go to school, organize graduate seminars, engage in online learning, and read to stay current in your field. 
  • Consider Job- Sharing 
    Many a time people tend to shift/ leave the workforce for periods of time. Employers at times have to generate creative ways to keep valued people working or to fill hard-to-fill positions. Job Sharing can be either working half day or alternative days of the week and can be both for employees and employers.

Solutions for Skill Gap 

  • Good and better working opportunities for employees to acquire and needful skills
  • Expose employees and help teach practical’s to impart and improve their knowledge along with skills
  • Hire agents or experts to execute certain jobs and sessions.
  • Recruitment, selection, training and analyzing of better-skilled employees help to remove the skill gap and also reduce the chances of layoffs for a long term perspective.

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