8 Things To Know About Blockchain, Know Why Blockchain Training Is Making Headline

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8 Things To Know About Blockchain, Know Why Blockchain Training Is Making Headline

A very popular term that we hear these days is bitcoin. And with bit-coin comes Block chain. Moreover, you surely know it if you are into investing, banking or any work related to cryptocurrency. Also, you would be familiar with the term Blockchain. Blockchain has been the recording technology in the matters of bitcoin. When you hear about the term blockchain, you also frequently hear the terms saying, “Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger”. For all those who have no idea what blockchain is, don’t worry! We are here for your bits of help and understanding.


Blockchain is in the literal sense just a chain of blocks, but not about the traditional sense of those words. It differs with minute subtlety.

When they write the words “block” and “chain” in this context, they in actuality are talking about digital information (the “block”) which is in store in a public database (the “chain”).

Blocks are in a nutshell used to store information about transactions like the date and time along with the amount of your most recent purchase from Amazon.

Blocks store are the information which distinguishes them from other blocks. Much like we have names to distinguish us from one another, each block stores a special code known as a “hash” that allows us to tell us apart from every other block. Suppose when you purchase on Amazon, but while it is in transit, you decide you really cannot resist it. What do you do in that situation?

Speaking in simplest terms, Blockchain is a new form of decentralized sort of database. We can believe in Blockchain as the “internet of value.” 

It is an in-real ledger of anything that can be marked as well as recorded as financial transactions, corporate contracts, physical assets, flow supply chain info, etc. but there is no one entity or organization in charge of the complete chain.

It’s like an open book and everyone in the chain can see the detail of every record to be known as a block. 

Each block is in time-stamp as well as encrypted but amongst all the only persons who can edit a block is the one that has the entitlement of it. Owners gain access to their block through a personal and private key that only they have.


Is Blockchain private or not?

Everyone and anyone can view the contents of the Blockchain unless when the users decide to connect their devices with the Blockchain network. When they do this thing, then their computer or laptop or any other device receives a copy of the blockchain that is immediately updated whenever a new block is in addition to it. It is something like a Facebook News Feed that gives you live updates whenever a new status arrives.

Each device in the blockchain network has its copy of the blockchains, which means that there are thousands of them, or in the case of Bitcoin, millions of copies of a similar blockchain. 

Is blockchain secure enough?

After we include an individual block to the end of the blockchain, it is very tedious to go back. And then change the contents of the block.

That is the reason behind each block containing its hash. Along with the hash of the block behind it, in continuity.

Hash codes are made by a math function that changes digital information into a string of numbers as well as letters. If we edit that information in any way, the hash code changes along with it.

Here is why it is important to security. Let us say a hacker tries to edit one's transaction from Amazon so that you need to pay for your purchase it twice. As soon as they make the changes in the dollar amount of your transaction, the block’s hash will change automatically.


It is a proper money exchange system. This pioneers blockchain technology, and at present, it has almost more than 8 million accounts. Also, it keeps growing by approximately more than 100% every year. Since when it began in 2010, it is continuously progressing. We today know the person, or the team, behind the service by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. But the honest and real identity is cloaked in secrecy.

Only, about 0.5% of the world’s population is using blockchain today, but 50% or 3.77 billion people use the internet. The global blockchain market is expected to be nearly worth $20 billion by 2024.

There is a significant amount of investment by today’s tech giants such as IBM and Microsoft in blockchain technology. IBM has dedicated $200 million and 1,000 employees to blockchain-powered projects and plants. The average investment in blockchain projects is about $1 million not only this but over the last five years, VCs have invested more than $1 billion into blockchain companies. 

Question about the bank in use: 

Perhaps there is no industry. That stands to benefit from integrating the blockchain into its business operations moreover banking. Financial institutions only operate during business hours. That is for five days a week. That means if you try to deposit a cheque on Friday at around 6 p.m., you likely will have to wait until Monday morning. To see that money hits your account. Even if you try to make your deposit during business hours, the transaction can still take around 1-3 days. For the process to verify due to the sheer volume of transfer of money. That banks need to settle along. Block-chain, on the other hand, never stops. 

Around 1/3 of C-level executives are planning. On considering adopting or are using blockchain technology for themselves. 

As we observe, just like with the current status of the internet. There will be jobs that might become obsolete. But, there will always be new careers to witness. The jobs we haven’t even dreamed up yet as of now. Consequently, as a result of the blockchain transformation, we will see the creation of new jobs. 

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