What is A.R.M.?

ARM is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by ARM Holdings. This hands-on Workshop provides the opportunity to make your hands dirty on Blue board by gaining enough programming knowledge on ARM Controller.

Topics to be covered in Workshop

  • ARM Architecture
  • Introduction
  • Why is ARM so popular
  • The different ARM processor family
  • Programmer's Model
  • Instruction Sets (ARM, Thumb)
  • LPC21xx/LPC22xx Description
  • Memories
  • Peripherals
  • Code density (Thumb, examples)
  • Power Consumption-Performances
  • Speed
  • RTOS support
  • Software development tool
  • Boot Loaders
  • Cross-Compilation
  • INSIGHT debugger
  • Evaluation of ARM development Board
  • Introduction to ARM development board
  • Functions of the board
  • Demonstration of the board
  • Run a sample program
  • Analog to Digital Converter
  • Digital to Analog Converter
  • Pulse Width Modulator
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Do debugging
  • Projects based on ARM processor
  • Advanced programming

Duration: The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hour session each day in a total of sixteen hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

Certification Policy:

  • Certificate of Merit for all the workshop participants.
  •  At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.
  • Certificate of Coordination for the coordinators of the campus workshops.

Eligibility: Anyone with good C programming skills and basic knowledge of microcontroller/Microprocessor.

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