We provide various educational workshops on latest trends & technologies for Engineering Students, Management Aspirants, IT Professionals, College Students, Working People. Our Training & Workshops are job oriented and on demand in Industry.

College Workshops

We currently have more that 35 Workshops on latest and on demand topics including on technical & non-technical topic which will help them in getting good opportunities in Industry in terms of future aspects as well help them in updating there knowledge with the current technology.  Get all the details about workshops.Learn More

School Workshop

We aim at improving the basics of robotics at the ground root level i.e. educational robotics. We believe that India needs to promote this activity at the school and college level to inculcate the aptitude for developing technology.  Seeing the rising growth of Robotics in India we aim at providing a direction to the youth to be able to lay his worth in the development of our nation. Read More

Campus Ambassador Program

The Innovians Technologies Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent Innovians Technologies on their campus. Ambassadors plan and host a few events during the college year, introduce students to new Innovians Technologies Events or competition, and act as a campus contact for Innovians Technologies teams.Read More

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