Want to make your own Website ?
Don't know how to write a Code for a Website?
Want a Dynamic Website which can be update very easily ?
Don't want to pay a huge amount to web designer for website development ?
Want to know how to bring your Website on top on Search Engine like Google, Yahoo etc. ?
Want to know how to reach to your target audience via Social Media ?
Want to know how to build up a brand ?
Want to know about Web Security ?
Want to work on a Live Project ?

Innovians Technologies in association with Ingineeri.com presents India's Unique two days Combo Workshop on Web-O-Master with a Live Project. It's a two days workshop based on Web Development, Joomla CMS, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), App Development & Web Security. Also get a chance to work on a Live Project based on a Social Networking Community Site for Engineers of India from Ingineeri.com.

All participants will be awarded with a dual certificate for attending this workshop i.e. Certificate of Merit & Live Project Completion Certificate.

About Workshop
This is a comprehensive course designed for people who have little IT (Information Technology) knowledge to help individuals gain a good grounding in the fundamentals of this popular open source Content Management System (CMS) & latest web technologies. So that they can create, manage and promote their website. Only a little IT knowledge is necessary to attend this Workshop.

The workshop is not just about Web designing using JOOMLA (a content management system) but also includes Search Engine Optimization(SEO) that enables our website to get listed on top of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc when keywords are used for searching. Creating a website might not be as appealing to some as it might be to see it even being listed on top. This workshop also covers Social Media Optimization (SMO), that is, how to brand your products on social media like Facebook, Google+ etc and includes a session on Google and Facebook Analytics. Workshop also cover brief about Web Security & how to secure your website from being hacked by someone. Also learn to build a Mobile App. So, by the end of the workshop, one would get to know how to design a website, launch it, how to do search engine optimization (SEO) of it, how to do social media optimization & marketing, building Mobile App & Web Security.

Also get a chance to work on a Live Project based on Professional Social Networking Community site for Engineers of India. In coming months many of the engineering students will be using that site for information related to Jobs, Projects, Seminar Projects, Research Papers, Interaction with corporate people, sharing information with others engineering students & professionals, fest details etc.   

Objective of the Workshop

  • Introduction about Web Technologies & CMS
  • Describe Joomla key CMS features
  • Administer website content using Joomla back-end functions
  • Learn to manage own hosting & creating professional email-ids.
  • Promoting website on Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & how to bring your site on top search engine like Google, Yahoo etc
  • Understanding Web Security
  • Make your work on Live Project

Topics to be covered in this Workshop:


  • What is web application?
  •  Basics of Web Development
  •  Types of Script languages
  • Difference between Server & Client Side Scripts
  • Local Web Development Setup ( Wamp, Xampp etc. )
  •  Testing Local Environment

Web Server & Domain

  • What is web server?
  • What is domain name?
  • Is it free?
  • How to register Domain Name?
  • How to purchase space in Web Server?


  • What is HTML?
  • First web page
  • Common Tags introduction
  • Tag structure to be followed
  • HTML Trends


  • What are Client Side Scripts?
  • What are Server Side Scripts?
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Basic code run of PHP

My SQL, PHP My Admin & Connectivity:

  • What is MySQL?
  • Introduction of SQL
  • First Code run of SQL
  • What is phpMyAdmin?
  • Understanding Interface
  • Creating Database in local MySQL Server
  • Creating User & its Acces Rights in phpMyAdmin
  •  MySQL Connectivity using PHP

Forms using HTML & PHP

  • What is a Form?
  • Get & Post Methods
  • Google Forms
  • Embedded Google Form in own Page

Uploading Web site to Server (FTP Access)

  • What is FTP Client?
  • What is FileZilla?
  • Uploading website to a webserver.

Web Development & CMS

  • Introduction to Web Designing.
  • CMS, Web System & Planning.
  • Understanding different Web Technologies.
  • Understanding Web Layout.
  • Understanding Joomla CMS.

Web Designing using Joomla CMS

  • Basic about Database (MySQL).
  • Installing & Configuring Joomla.
  • Choosing & Editing Template.
  • Working with Menus.
  • Extending Joomla: Modules, Components & Plugins.
  • Creating Web Pages in Joomla.
  • Launching Joomla Site.

 cPanel & Hosting Administration

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO

  • Introduction about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SEO on HTML Websites.
  • SEO in Joomla.
  • Google Analytics Session
  •  Joomla Advance Parameters.

 Social Networking Session

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Defining Marketing Strategies 
  • Favicon.
  • Facebook Analytics

Web Security

  • Introduction to Web Security.

  Project Work

  • Project Discussion
  • Understanding Project Work
Eligibility: The are no prerequisites for joining this workshop. Any one interested, can join this workshop. While a basic understanding of HTML would be helpful, it is not compulsory.  Student from any branch can attend this workshop. 
Certification Policy:
  • Certificate of Merit for all the workshop participants from Innovians Technologies.
  •  Live Project Completion Certificate from Ingineeri.com to all participants.
  • Certificate of Coordination for the coordinators of the campus workshops
Duration: 2 Days ( 16 Hours, 7-8 Hours /Day)
Fees: Rs. 1000/-  per participant (inclusive of all Taxes)
* This fee include workshop training, study material & software tool Kit, certification, government taxes and other human resources charges.
Project Work

Ingineeri.com Logo

About Ingineeri.com
Ingineeri.com, is India's first community social networking site for Engineers of India. It's a common platform for Engineering Aspirants, Engineering Students, Working Engineer's & Professionals, Engineering Institutes, Schools, Companies, Training Providers for exchange of information and Services, & provide all information at a single platform. Some of its features includes Jobs, Resume Building, Fest, Marketplace, Seminar Projects, Final Year Projects, Research Papers, Student to Companies Interaction, Institute Details etc. 

Project Outline
All Participant will be given a project work based on the training provided during the workshop. Entire project will be based on Social Networking. All participants will get one week time after attending the workshop to complete the Assignment. After a Successful completion of the Project work, all participants will be awarded with a Live Project Completion Certificate from Ingineeri.com   

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