Discounts | Innovians Technologies is Offering 4 types of Discount

 1. Group Discount

  • Group of 2-3 will get 5% Discount.
  • Group of 4 will get 10% Discount
  • Group of 5 will get 13.5% Discount
  • Group of 6 will get 16.5% Discount

2. Workshop Discount

Submit your Xerox of Workshop Certificate and get 15% Discount on Summer Training.

3. Referral Discount

  • Refer 8 of your Friends for the Summer Training & Get your Summer Training Course Fees Cost completely waived Off along with the Group Discount for your friends. (Only applicable If they Register for Summer Training).


  • Student can claim only one discount offer out of above three.
  • Maximum 6 Participant are allowed in a Group.

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