About US

Innovians Technologies (A Unit of PRATS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading services provider in the field of Practical Educational Training, Web & IT Services, Corporate Training, Consultancy & Outsourcing, and Electronics Projects on emerging technologies. We believe in Implementing New Ideas & Technology.

Our Mission 

Innovians Technologies mission is to offer world class, Professional Training & Development Solutions. We strive to offer excellence, professionalism, and a long-term commitment to remain among the premier Training & Development companies in India. Innovians Technologies and its staff are respected for their dedication and contribution to the industry.

Our Vision 

Our values are embraced in the hearts and minds of every Innovians Technologies team member who then embodies these values and shares them throughout our company and with our clients.you will find three core values at work: Relation - We listen, learn, and help selflessly in our interactions with others. Humanity - Through business, we foster a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Commitment - We honor our commitments and act with responsibility in all our relationships. These values are the building blocks of our work culture.             

Team of Professional

Our team, as our imperative asset, works with great zeal to realize the mutual interests or our organization. Our team is made of professionals including professional trainers, managers, consultants, business development staff, quality auditor and other workforces.

Each member in our team is selected on the basis of their domain knowledge in respective fields. To upgrade the expertise of our team we also conduct regular training exercises. It helps us to be paralleled with new changes occurring time after time in the market. Our team members are highly efficient and understand the needs of clients as precisely as possible.

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