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What is IoT- Internet of Things ?

"If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!” - — Brendan O’Brien, Aria systems

When we talk about an Internet of Thing, it’s not just putting RFID tags on some dumb thing is. It’s about embedding intelligence so things become smarter & do more than they were proposed to do. Can you imagine a computing concept where everyday objects have network connectivity? Is it possible for ordinary devices to communicate among themselves?

Yes!! And the answer is ‘the Internet of Things’.

This Network of networks extracts and makes sense of data within machines. An estimated of 50 Billion wireless devices are to be connected to the internet in future. Interesting! Isn't it?

How beautiful it is when your door can update its Facebook Status every time some one opens it. A song starts playing when you tweet about it. A fire sensor that automatically send an E-Mail to the fire department. Keeping all the awesomeness in mind Innovians Technologies has introduced the Internet of things workshop to get you ready for the future.

Training Highlights

  • What “the Internet of Things” means and how it relates to Cloud computing concepts 
  • How open platforms allow you to store your sensor data in the Cloud 
  • The basic usage of the Arduino, RaspberryPi & Nodemcu  environment for creating your own embedded projects at low cost 
  • How to connect your Arduino & RaspberryPi with your Android phone.
  • Basic usage of RaspberryPi.
  • Use of Arduino & RaspberryPi in IoT
  • How to create your own Android App using MIT App Inventor.
  • How to send data to the Internet and talk to the Cloud.
  • How to update sensor readings on Twitter (Social Networking Sites).
  • How to control any device from anywhere across the world.
  • How to connect to cloud ready IoT Server using MQTT.
  • Python, Embedded C, Node.js etc will be covered. 

Topics to be Covered in Summer Training 

  Ø  Introduction to the Internet of Things

  • The Internet of Things
  • The Basics of Sensors & Actuators
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

  Ø  The Arduino Platform

  • The Arduino Open-Microcontroller Platform
  • Arduino Basics
  • Arduino Board Layout & Architecture
  • Reading from Sensors

  Ø  Programming fundamentals ( C language )

  Ø  Arduino Programming & Interface of Sensors

  • Interfacing sensors with Arduino
  • Programming Arduino
  • Reading from Sensors

Embedded Projects

Project 1: Simple LED Program for Arduino

Project 2: LED Blink Project

Project 3: Traffic Light Control

Project 4: Displaying Date on Serial Monitor

Project 5: Automated Door Opening System

Project 6: LCD Interfacing

Project 7: LDR Interfacing

Project 8: Smart Street Light System

Project 9: Integrating Sensors & Reading Environmental Physical Values.

 Project 10: Reading Environmental Values on Android Smartphone.

  Ø  Talking to your Android Phone with Arduino

  • Connecting Arduino with Mobile Device.
  • The Android Mobile OS.
  • Using the Bluetooth Module

Project 11: Creating Android App using MIT App Inventor & Sensor Data on the App.

Project 12: Voice Controlled Mini Home Automation using Android Smartphone.

Project 13: Creating Android App using MIT App Inventor & Controlling Devices Connected to Controller. 

IoT Projects

Project 14: Control Devices using Localhost Web Server for Home Automation

  • Integrating Ethernet Shield.
  • Creating Program for Localhost Web Server for controlling devices.

Project 15: Being Social on Twitter & update status on Twitter through Arduino.

Ø  Make Electronics Gadget Talk to Internet 

  • Integrating Ethernet Module
  • Creating App on Twitter 

Project 16: Send Voltage & Analog Data on Cloud Server

Ø  Cloud Computing

  • Communicating with the Cloud using Web Services.
  • Cloud Computing & IoT.
  • Popular Cloud Computing Services for Sensor Management.

Project 17: Use Arduino to Upload free data from Environmental Sensors to Cloud Server.
Project 18: Automatically update status on Twitter based on Sensor Data.
Project 19: Control Electronic Devices from anywhere across the world using Internet & Mobile App.

RaspberryPi Based Projects

 ØUnderstanding and Introduction to RPi 

  • What is SOC?
  • Versions of Raspberry Pi & Their Difference
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Basics of Electronics
  • Hardware Description
  • Pin Configuration 

 ØOS Installation on SD Card 

  • Downloading Image
  • Study Various Operating Systems Available
  • Making SD Card: Formatting and Partitions
  • Raspberry Pi SD Installer

 ØOS Configuration 

  • Booting Into Desktop
  • GUI Version
  • CLI Desktop
  • Changing Timezone
  • Other Options
  • Raspi-Config
  • Test 

 Ø Network Setup 

  • Setting Up Using GUI
  • Setting Up Using Command Line
  • Finding Pi’s IP Address
  • Connecting with Wi-Fi/ LAN/ Datacard 


  • Study GPIO Pins
  • Libraries Using Git
  • Configuring GPIO Pins
  • Pi using SSH
  • Enabling SSH
  • Logging in using Putty
  • Run Basic Commands
  • Use GPIO 


  • Understanding Linux
  • File Structure
  • Linux Commands
  • Permissions 

 ØUsing Python 

  • Understanding Python
  • Condition Statement
  • Loops
  • Importing Libraries
  • Functions 

Project 20: LED Program with Raspberry Pi
Project 21: Controlling LED with a Switch using Raspberry Pi
Project 22: Integrating IR Sensor with Raspberry Pi. 
Project 23: Integrating DHT11 with Raspberry Pi. 

IoT Projects based on RaspberryPi

Project 24: Sending Sensor Data to Cloud using Raspberry Pi.

Ø   Introduction to MQTT & Communication protocol for IoT

  • Understanding MQTT
  • Difference between HTTP & MQTT
  • Understanding MQTT Broker
  • Understating Publish & Subscribe Methods

Project 25: Installing server on Raspberry Pi.
Project 26: Connecting Arduino with Raspberry Pi Server.
Project 27: MQTT Subscribe from Arduino.
Project 28:  MQTT Publish from Arduino. 

Nodemcu Projects 

  • Introduction about Nodemcu
  • Connecting to Local Wifi
  • Getting Static IP
  • Pinging a Particular Site for Results 

Project 29: Connecting LED to GPIO controlling LED  On/OFF State.

IoT Projects Based on Nodemcu

Project 30: Controlling LED based on Web Browser using Nodemcu.
Project 31: Sending Email from Nodemcu
Project 32: Sending Sensor data to Cloud Server using Nodemcu.
Project 33: Plotting Data on Plotly using Nodemcu.          
Project 34: Remotely Temp. Monitor using Nodemcu. 

Node.js Projects 

  • Introduction about Node.js.
  • Installing Node.js server
  • Writing basic code in Node.js 

Project 35: Plotting Data on Plotly using Node.js & Arduino.

  • Understanding cloud ready IoT Platform Provider like IBM, Google, ARTIK etc.
  • Case Studies on IoT based projects & implentations.
  • Discussion about current Challenges in IoT.  


  • 2 Weeks  (60-70 Hours) -- 35 Projects will be covered.
  • 4 Weeks ( In 4 Weeks Training, 2 Weeks (60-70 Hours) will be of Classroom Technical Training same like two week training program & 2 Weeks Time Participants will get for completion of a Project/Research Work).


  • Registration Fee of Rs 500 to be paid after filling Registration Form through our online payment gateway or through Paytm.
  • IoT Course Fee is Rs 6500 /-. (For More Discounts & Offers please check our Discounts & Offers Page).

 Download Full Course Content in PDF

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